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About Us

Boys and Girls Bible Clubs is a non-profit 501c3, non-denominational organization located near Detroit, Michigan. Our ministry to elementary age children began in 1936 and has grown in size, and in the number of school districts we serve. We are a local group of ordinary men and women who love the LORD and want to help children. Boys and girls today have so much against them: broken families, neglect, drugs, shootings, abductions, and so much more. The Bible Clubs are designed to reach children where they are, develop strong character in their lives, build confidence, and provide them with the biblical knowledge and skills to make wise choices and be successful.

Our Purpose

Conduct Bible Clubs

The primary purpose of Boys and Girls Bible Clubs is to teach Biblical truths by conducting one-hour after school clubs throughout the Metro Detroit area. We are not a part of any church or public school program. Children come free � there are no admission fees or supplies to buy. The only requirement is a parent or guardian�s written permission to attend. When you come to Bible Club you will find caring teachers, a positive atmosphere, great songs, and a powerful story.

Nurture Children

Children need to be grounded in the knowledge that produces good character, then cultivated in a safe, peaceful, and happy environment, and showered with love and encouragement. Using creative, fun, and purposeful methods, Bible Club teachers skillfully meet the needs of elementary age children.

Develop Teachers

Boys and Girls Bible Clubs is committed to developing teachers into leaders. Specific training enables men and women to master the art of storytelling, teach life-changing and time-tested principles, and apply God's truth to daily living.

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