Child Protection

The safety of children who attend the Boys and Girls Bible Clubs activities is of paramount importance to us. We believe that preventative steps can be taken to ensure the safety of all children and those who work with them. We purpose to remain vigilant in our commitment by:

  • Only allowing children with permission slips signed by their parent or guardian to attend.
  • Ensuring children are supervised until an approved individual comes for them according to the instructions on their permission slips.
  • Requiring every Bible Club teacher complete an extensive application and be approved by our Board of Directors.
  • Performing a thorough background check through the Michigan State Police on every worker.
  • Distributing official Boys and Girls Bible Clubs photo identification badges to each Bible Club leader which must be worn during all activities.
  • Offering professional training on child protection to every Bible Club worker.
  • Requiring teachers to read our “Safeguarding Our Children” Child Protection Policy each year.
  • Maintaining a minimum of three workers in each club so no child is ever alone with an adult.

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