Boys and Girls Bible Clubs is solidly grounded on the Holy Bible. Each week children hear an exciting lesson, learn a wonderful and practical memory verse and sing fantastic songs that will give new meaning and joy to everything else in their lives.

The four year curriculum includes Genesis, Exodus, Heroes of the Bible and the Life of Jesus Christ Series, with the true Christmas and Easter stories taught every year. Each series is a celebration of God and His love for the people He created. As children come each week, it is like taking a trip to faraway lands as they follow Bible characters, float in an ark, journey to the Promised Land, are thrown into a lion�s den, or climb a tree to see Jesus.

The ministry began over seventy years ago to proclaim to children the truth of the loving God Who made them, the LORD Jesus Christ Who came to save them, and the mighty, living, powerful Word of God that will strengthen and sustain them. On behalf of the Board of Directors who continue the vision, our office staff who work wholeheartedly and diligently, and the hundreds of volunteers who give unselfishly of their time, talents and resources, I invite you to experience and enjoy the sights, sounds and adventure that await you at your Boys and Girls Bible Club!

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